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Im Zusammenhang von Final Fantasy VII und den sogenannten Sephiroth-Klonen hat das Wort Klon nicht die Bedeutung, die man normalerweise gewohnt ist. Statt einer genetischen Reproduktion sind Probanden gemeint, die sowohl mit JENOVA-Zellen als auch Mako-Energie behandelt wurden We've finally released samples into town. They walk all around town, but do not seem to want to leave it. Furthermore, two of them are still in their pods. Again, no explanation is provided to me. Could the procedure have failed? No, impossible! Professor Hojo's experiments don't..

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After the nibelheim incident, Shinra covered up the town and used the remaining survivors for experimentation, like Cloud and Zack. Hojo wanted to make clones of Sephiroth, which really wasn't that.. Sephiroth also means counting (of numbers), which can be attributed to the Sephiroth Clones. Sephiroth's penultimate form, Bizarro∙Sephiroth, is a mistranslation, and Rebirth Sephiroth would be more apt Yes, Cloud IS a clone. In this game, a clone is someone they inject Jenova cells into in order to try recreating Sephiroth, and both Zack and Cloud undergo this treatment after the Nibelheim..

Five years after he was defeated in Nibel Reactor, Sephiroth returns from the dead by exerting his will from the lifestream. Taking over Jenova's body and forcing her into his form, Sephiroth kills President Shinra. (In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, he seems to be controlling a clone of himself as well. That includes the cells inside the 'clones'. So, Sephiroth was able to manipulate the cells inside the 'clones' and Cloud to make them do what he wants. (the 'Sephiroth' you see in the game--it isn't actually THE Sephiroth. It's actually the body of Jenova that Sephiroth shape-changed to look like him

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  1. They never specifically go into this in the games, but it's heavily implied that it has something to do with his JENOVA cells degrading. Genesis and Angeal each had wings of their own (Genesis had one, Angeal had two), and they both started degrad..
  2. #FinalFantasy #FF7R #Sephiroth We looked at Cloud's designs after we got some trailers on Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the past... So as we are nearing the rele... So as we are nearing the rele..
  3. Sephiroth, impersonating Tifa, convinces Red XIII to bring the Black Materia to Cloud who in turn hands it over to Sephiroth. Hojo is disgsuted the only clon... Hojo is disgsuted the only clon..
  4. The hooded figures are the Sephiroth clones/copies. They sit around wherever Hojo left them as he waits to see what happens with his Jenova Reunion theory. He theorized that each part of Jenova would attempt to reunite with her original body, including anything injected with her cells/genetic material. Instead, Sephiroth was in control of Jenova and he used them and other parts of her body to try to obtain the black materia. This is why Cloud ended up being the only success, as he was the.
  5. The Nibelheim Cover-up, Sephiroth Clones, and Annette Townshend. Thread starter Celes777; Start date May 4, 2020; Celes777 Pro Adventurer. May 4, 2020 #1. AKA May 4, 2020 #1. So I picked up The Kids Are Alright again because I wanted to know more about the Nibelheim incident and the aftermath, and I just got more confused But I managed to get a sort of timeline of Annette Townshend's.
  6. Injected with Jenova cells and Mako will not stop this particular Clone running his shop in Junon and making jokes
  7. Because she was a Cetra. Their race were also known as the Ancients. The Cetra held a deep spiritual connection with the planet. This connection was so deep that according to events from Final Fantasy Crisis Core, it allowed them to draw upon the.

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Sephiroth later reappears through one of his clones inside Shinra Headquarters during AVALANCHE's rescue of Aerith and proceeds to kill President Shinra and severely wound Cloud's ally, Barret Wallace (though he is healed by mysterious supernatural entities known as the Whispers) An incomplete Sephiroth-clone. Not even given a number. That is your reality. Sephiroth Ha, ha, ha Sephiroth Ha, ha, ha{Tifa} Why are you so worried and scared by those words? HmmShall I show everyone here what's in your heart? Sephiroth Ha, ha, ha You don't look well. Sephiroth Sephiroth wasn't even injected with Jenova cells directly IIRC, Ifalna was while she was pregnant with him which gave Sephiroth a totally unique structure. I'm not sure how his Mako Exposure was handled although it's safe to assume that was during his fetal stage too. So why would the game use the phrase Sephiroth clone? Just to refer to anyone. Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl As a result, characters with Jenova cells in them (referred to as Sephiroth clones in the original game, though they're not really clones, just dudes who had Jenova cells implanted) are connected to him. Throughout FF7, Sephiroth is capable of taking over their bodies, actually changing their shape to look like his original body. That is the Sephiroth you're dealing with throughout the.

Any more questions? Yes. I have sketchy ideas of the answers to these questions anyway, but I'd like to see what you make of them too: *Why exactly did Sephiroth kill Aerith? And why didn't he kill the rest of the party while he was at it? *I remember a bit where Sephiroth was pushing the.. Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/pV6Y2V9World of Final Fantasy THE MOVIEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qmFeYPEC2sFinal Fantasy Mobius Playlisthttps://ww..

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